All Things Bovine

As a lover and collector of bovine creations, I have never given much thought to the actual live species. I am excited to announce that I now have a favorite herd.
While driving to Walmart today, I found myself looking forward to a certain field, just before coming into Brigham City. This particular field is home to a fairly large herd of cows who all happen to be my favorite genre: black and white. These cows appear to be of an amiable, fun loving nature. Driving by, I often notice their wide array of time passing activities. They play follow the leader, walking around the perimeter fence in one large line. Quite often they can be seen in a large cluster gossiping midfield about the few outsiders who watch the group longingly. Today they were engaged in my favorite activity, which consists of huddling together along the fence nearest the freeway staring curiously at cars as they cruise by. No matter what these cows are doing, I always look forward to looking at them.
Since moving to the middle of nowhere, I have found a greater respect for such farm animals. I remember a conversation from a few months ago that made me understand and appreciate the living cows. I was at my friend’s house for girls night and met her new neighbor, who happens to be married to a dairy farmer. She spoke fondly of their many cows and how they each have their own personality; some even become offended when not spoken to on a daily basis. I had never realized just how human a simple farm creature can be. I always thought they were just cute. I guess I should have a point to this country ramble, so, next time you see a cow, or you’re driving to Brigham and see my favorite cows, smile. Even though I’ll probably never actually meet one of these cows, they always brighten my day.