The Scary Topic

Fall is in the air. With global warming and the later daylight-savings time, it doesn’t feel like it. But the people in charge tell me that fall is indeed in the air. And coming around the corner is that very scary season. You know, the one where we all hide behind a curtain and tremble … Read more

Southern Hospitality

Hey, how are ya’ll do’in? It is a downright pleasure to visit with you today. I’m speaking from Greenville, South Carolina. My work has given me an opportunity to visit down south. The right friendly folks in South Carolina have welcomed me here, from my first steps off the airplane they have been gracious. I’m … Read more

Those Flashing Red Lights

The law has caught up with me. My jig is up. I have a record now. All these years, I’ve worked to keep my public reputation looking good. Appearances are deceiving. One day, you live high on the hog. Then with one misstep, you find you’re that much closer to facing a grand jury. Of … Read more

The Unsettling Settlers

A couple years ago, we were hanging out with some of our friends when we were introduced to a game called “Settlers” (or “Settlers of Catan”).  Needless to say, we got hooked.  After holding out for a while, we reluctantly forked out the $40 for the game.  All was well.  We played it with friends, … Read more