How Amazing is the Interrobang‽

Just wanted to take a moment to show my newfound appreciation of the interrobang – an often-overlooked punctuation mark. Can you believe that this exists‽ The interrobang was invented by visionary Martin K. Speckter in 1962 as a way to end a sentence in an excited manner, or express excitement, disbelief, or confusion in the … Read more

A List For Self Introspection

This week I read something in The Book of Mormon has given me cause to take pause.   In the Book of Helaman, chapter 4, Mormon is giving us the summary and commentary of how the Nephite nation is doing about 60 B.C. Mormon tells us that that the once-God-fearing Nephite nation had begun to suffer discord in … Read more

Acceptance of Violence

The other morning, I sat back on the sofa to relax and watch an innocent game show. Will the contestant pick the prize behind the curtain, or will she choose the small box on the table? How fun and suspenseful! Then, of course, they went to a commercial.   In the next second, I was being shown a … Read more

Naming Rights to the Book of Mormon

The following is a private letter to Hank Smith. Dear Hank from Utah, I recently listened to your talk on CD titled “Scripture Power.” At the end, the gravelly-voiced guy from Covenant Communications said that the author would like to hear from his listeners. So if you don’t like what I have to say, remember … Read more

Only One Plan

The sister said something from the pulpit on Sunday that has really bothered me. It was not unique. I’ve heard it many times before. I’m certain I will hear it many times again.  In describing the “war in heaven” before this earth was formed, she implied that we all met together in a grand meeting … Read more

Happy Customer Service Week

The sign in the lobby read “Happy Customer Service Week.” I was left to ponder: Should the word “Happy” describe the attitude of the “Customer,” the type of “Service” to render, or the overall spirit of the “Week?”