The Brazen Serpent

People are predictable. They’ve been acting the same way since the beginning, focused on their own problems and overlooking their many blessings. The Israelites began another leg of their endless journey. This time, they left mount Hor, and following the Red Sea, and circled around the land of Edom. The collective attitude of the people … Read more

Dear Pastor,

Recently, I recommended Lutheran Hour Ministries Daily Devotionals. I still enjoy them, but in a recent devotional Paster Klaus said something that I needed to offer correction on. Here is my reply to him. Dear Pastor Ken Klaus, I’m a little bit behind in listening to the devotionals, and today I finally heard the Daily … Read more

Thanks Be to God

Expert from “Thanks Be to God” by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: Recently, Sister Nelson and I enjoyed the beauty of tropical fish in a small private aquarium. Fish with vivid colors and of a variety of shapes and sizes darted back and forth. I asked the attendant nearby, “Who … Read more

Mothers Day is like shopping at Target…

Yesterday evening, my family was at the department store Target when we came upon our Bishop and some of his family, also shopping. Knowing I was going to be speaking at church today, with a smile that indicated he was joking, he challenged me to work the experience into my talk. “Mother’s Day is like … Read more

The Importance of Teaching Children the Gospel

A Minnesota highway patrolman came upon a motorist whose car was stopped along the side of the road. Although not a mechanic, the officer gave the vehicle a once-over. Sitting behind the wheel, he turned the key and saw the fuel gauge was solidly buried in EMPTY. When he shared the problem with the motorist, … Read more

The Race of Life

When I reflect on the race of life, I remember another type of race, even from childhood days. My friends and I would take pocketknives in hand and, from the soft wood of a willow tree, fashion small toy boats. With a triangular-shaped cotton sail in place, each would launch his crude craft in the … Read more

Focus Group

Are you on the go, all the time… chauffeuring children from school to soccer practice and piano lessons while you try to decide what will be served for dinner? If you frequently feel an urgent need to shop at Wal-mart to purchase poster paper for tomorrow’s science fair project, you may qualify for a research … Read more