Focus Group

Are you on the go, all the time… chauffeuring children from school to soccer practice and piano lessons while you try to decide what will be served for dinner? If you frequently feel an urgent need to shop at Wal-mart to purchase poster paper for tomorrow’s science fair project, you may qualify for a research study involving an new politician created for the treatment of Walmart-Mom Syndrome. Mitt Romney and the Grand Old Party is conducting this study. The GOP staff is a team of political research professionals. Qualified participants must be female voters with children under 18 living at home who shops at Walmart at least once a month, and who are experiencing overactive schedule symptoms. If you qualify for the study, all study-related care will be provided at no cost. Call Mitt Romney Political Research at 857-288-3500 to see if you could be a potential voter for the solution to America’s problems. That’s 857-288-3500. Call 857-288-3500.

(This blog post is intended as a parody and is not paid for or sponsored by any political party or candidate)

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