Karl Rove must be absolutely brilliant

During my lunch break, I like to spread out the newspaper and relax. At least, sometimes it is relaxing. Sometimes it is just bewildering. Like this article about Karl Rove. Karl is apparently the smartest strategist in the Republican Party, supposedly the one who masterminded the entire campaign and was responsible for the election of … Read more

Sacred spumoni?

The last days have come. Jesus has reappeared! And there was an apparent misunderstanding. It seems that the great melting of the world will actually take place at room temperature (the change probably had something to do with the sudden onset of global warming). The righteous shall be as chocolate sauce, nuts, and a cherry. … Read more

Support your Local Cow: Friday, July 11

I have always supported Chick-fil-a’s valiant efforts to save the cows and promote cow awareness across the globe.  It only helps that their food contains some sort of deliciously addictive substance that one only needs smell to start saliva production.  Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to recieve an email from their company promoting Cow Appreciation … Read more

A Trip Through Time

It was all sparked by a cheesy birthday gift. The video was about a 30 minute commercial for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “newly” formed rock band. With that group, they hosted a stage show and put out an album. The 1990 debut album, “Coming Out Of Our Shells,” was to introduce to the world … Read more