Rites of Spring

You haven’t experienced a true spring until you have lived in the sticks.  The inner 4 year old child is awakened by the surplus of baby animals to be seen everywhere.  As we drive down the road, the passenger seat is filled with exclamations at every field and pond passed.  Baby cows running through the … Read more

Totally Awesome Government?!

If you have any idea who “Super Dell” is, then there is absolutely no comment needed. Just read the story. ‘Super Dell’ files to run against Corroon And on the – way – outside chance that he should win, RUN!!!

Who’s Ready for “Plan B?”

I see that “Plan A” is well underway. As you recall, “Plan A” was the one that determined to subsidize farmers to grow more corn. And I understand that they get a pretty sweet deal for growing it. Now, one of the established rules of nature is that corn makes for great fuel. So all … Read more