Taken to the Cleaners

Following is an actual letter I sent to my local dry cleaners. It happened a couple years ago, but I ran across this saved file on my hard drive and thought it was a good “customer service” story to retell. I’ve wondered since then, what ever happened to it? Did some employee receive it, read … Read more

Dis-Order in the Court

An item in the news (click for the link) explains that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety Bird were called to be witnesses in court-of-law. I was just imagining how part of that trial might go… … Judge: “We first call ‘Donald’ to the stand” Donald: “Baaa Baa Baa Baaaaa Baaaa” Judge: “We … Read more

Disney Character Warehouse and The Disney Store

Disney Character Warehouse and The Disney Store Two separate topics today – first, the Disney Character Warehouse A company by the name of AMS Liquidation runs some outlet stores under the name Disney Character Warehouse. I’ve mentioned them in the Beardall’s Guide to the Disneyland Resort (see pages link), but not in great detail. The … Read more

Site Up Again

As the three people who follow this site regularly know, this site went down for a couple weeks. It is back and strong now, hosted by Landon’s new web serving company. There had been some behind-the-scenes issues, but those should be resolved by this move. Get your web site hosted here too: Now, I hope … Read more

Ken Jennings Post

Ken Jennings, the guy we all cheered for on Jeopardy! in 2004, then promptly stopped watching the show after he lost, has written an editorial piece about the Mormon church being in the news so much. It’s a pretty good piece. Click here for a link to it.