A P.C. Tale (eat an Apple and enjoy)

I own both a pencil and a pen. Both of them can be used to write on paper. In some situations, I have used a pencil. When need arises, the pencil does the job for me. But more often, I find the pen suits my needs better. It feels more comfortable to me, and produces darker lines on the paper. And quite simply, I prefer it.

There are many people who so passionately advocate using one or the other. There are some very good, solid reasons on both sides of the argument. Some people tell me I should switch to a pencil because the ink from a pen can smear on the page if it gets wet (though if I upgrade to a smear-resistant model, I can eliminate that problem). And sometimes, without warning, a pen could just explode in my pocket (though I can buy a pocket-protecting accessory for that, if I like). If the ink dries up a little, it might not want to write – at least until I scribble for a moment on a scratch paper to get the ink started. But I understand my pen’s quirks and risks, and I work through its limitations, and it serves me well. Besides, most everyone else I work with also use a pen, and so I feel like I am in good company with the rest of my associates.

So I will happily keep using my pen, despite the mocking I receive from the pencil-loving advocates out there. I am impressed with their devotion. I am amused at their humorous advertisements asking me to switch. I even cringe a little bit on the inside, when they make a point that is undeniably correct about their pencils and against my pen. But ultimately, when it comes down to it, they are both just tools, and I can use them to complete very similar tasks, with similar results.

2 thoughts on “A P.C. Tale (eat an Apple and enjoy)”

  1. As a left handed pen-using fanatic, I am in full support of your non-smearable pens. These instruments are crucial in preventing the dreaded wrist to pinky hand smear, as so often results from the use of slow drying pens and all pencils.

    Just a plug, the only time I advocate using pencils is when I am marking my music. Coincidentally, if you read our “Rites of Spring” passage on this website, you will find ample opportunities to witness my pencil marked music firsthand.

  2. So you are advocating that pencils are indeed a better platform for music creation? I have heard that is true, but i have only tried to create music with a pen so far.

    Maybe I’ll open my mind a little bit and give your method a try. It’s just that I still have have trouble getting used to that darn eraser feature that your pencil introduced.


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