Land Speed Record

I think I just broke my own record.  I have recently become very adept at re-setting all of the clocks around our house.  Well, with the exception of one which neither of us have yet to figure out and always read the wrong time before we even moved here.  It seems that the small town in which we habitate is possibly experiencing growing pains.  This comes in the form of frequent random power outages (a list of things to do in T-town during said outages follows).  Quite often these outages are just long enough to erase the time on all your clocks, and sometimes they last quite a bit longer.  Being a seasonably warm month, this phenomenon has picked up of late.  Thus, both of us have become very skilled at setting the time on our many clocks throughout the house (whoever thought of battery operated clocks must be very rich now!).  Everyone knows that girls only want guys with great skills (which I assume goes both ways) so we have found this to be a real relationship picker upper.  So, before your next outage, read up in your owner manuals on how to set the time on your clocks!  Your newfound skills will be seriously impressive.  Seriously.  Now if only they’d make clock setting an Olympic sport . . .

Things to do around here when the power is out:  study your clock’s owner’s manuals, appreciate cows, go for a walk, light a trash can to warm the homeless, do the power dance . . . I’m sure there’s more.  

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