Another edition of ‘I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that when . . .’

The events that follow may not seem the sort that leave a lasting impression, but I can tell you that two days later I am still seeing the effects.

It was a normal Wednesday night.  Nate and I were hankering for a sweet treat and set off in our little car through our little town, down the little Main Street to the little Artic Circle for (most likely) our new favorite find: the flavorburst cone (my favorite is Raspberry).  Feeling more healthful than usual, I noted that we could stop for a LOW FAT tasty treat at one of the many Freezie (country for snow cone) shacks located throughout our town.  We had already passed up at least 3 (I lost count), so we turned around and headed back towards one.  We happened to pick the shack that is located just outside Kent’s – the premiere grocery depot of the land – which is across the street from Taco Time: home of the mysterious Mexi-Ice.  Choices, choices.  I’ll let you choose your own ending, although ours is fairly obvious.

Allow me to lay out the pro’s and con’s of each low fat frozen [questionably] ice treat. 

The Mexi-Ice.  Taco Time describes the Mexi-Ice as “A sweet frozen concoction available in various flavors. A refreshing accompaniment to round out your meal.”  For an excellent critical analysis on the Mexi-Ice, I refer you to my friend, Brittany’s blog – I think I just tagged someone! To summarize this article, the Mexi-Ice is an incredibly shiny, over the top treat made probably of ice (we’re not sure) and other stuff (we’re also not sure – Taco Time never emailed me back) which does not have any qualities common to generic ice treats: it does not melt and it holds its shape.  Although it sounds like perfection, the Mexi-Ice does have a few negative qualities.  First, it only comes in one flavor at a time, which from our experience the flavor on the sign and the flavor of your delicacy are not necessarily the same (i.e. lime=pina colada).  Secondly, it is pricier than the common snow cone, er, I mean Freezie.  Sorry about that slip up.  Thirdly, well, it’s mysterious.  The entire time devouring the Mexi-Ice is devoted to an inner debate of what it is and why you can’t stop eating it.  In conclusion, the Mexi-Ice is an experience. 

The Freezie.  The Freezie is basically a snow cone in a normal cup (none of those dunce cap cups) for you out of towners.  A few admirable traits of the Freezie are the convenience (there are probably about 20 Freezie shacks in T-town/Garland alone), the cost (a Freezie costs much less than it’s finer counterpart the Mexi-Ice), and last but not least the flavors.  I didn’t count the whole list, but it was an 8.5×11 paper with two columns of flavors.  Although Wedding Cake was crossed out, so that one doesn’t count.  Creola cheese cake should probably be crossed out too.  Cheese cake and ice just don’t mix, and I’m not sure what Creola means, but I’m pretty sure it’s Greek for nasty.  I’ll ask my old Greek co-worker when I see her next month.  You can also add sour spray for free.  The boys in front of us were insistent that their Freezies were absolutely drenched with it so it must be good.  Now on to the cons.  I already mentioned the Creola Cheese Cake flavor, didn’t I?  I told Nate not to do it.  The boy working in the shack even asked him if he was sure when he ordered it.  He should have known better.  I, however got a fairly common flavor.  Blue Raspberry.  Yum.  The flavor syrup to ice ratio was absolutely perfect.  So I bet you’re wondering where the con comes in.  Well, it comes the next morning.  Apparently the food coloring in the syrup is non-digestible.  Also apparently, the whole town must find it ordinary to wake up with turquoise bm’s.  And the final apparently (as I found out this morning), the non-digestible syrup takes quite a while to mosey on out.  I guess I should have gotten the cheese cake with Nate, at least it was clear.  Perhaps the color of one’s bm’s is a bit much to share with the blogging world.  Just let it serve as a caution next time you pick a low fat tasty frozen treat.        

So, there you have it.  Next time you’re in town, I invite you to choose your own ending.


6 thoughts on “Another edition of ‘I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that when . . .’”

  1. Michelle, thank you for the fair warning (and the good laugh because that is just too funny)! I sincerely hope your Freezie passed okay and the side effects didn’t last too long.

  2. Actually, I think Creola means “We put some strange chemical in this that you will never identify and probably shouldn’t be eating, but at least it’s not a Mexi-Ice.”

  3. Thanks for the shout out Michelle. Much appreciated. I think the Blair and I will be attacking those blue raspberry freezies today on our planned sojourn to T-town. I am if nothing else always interested in turning my poop the many colors of the rainbow.

  4. Michelle,

    You are too funny! I found your entertaining blog by doing a mexi-ice search myself – no info on the Taco Time website – it isn’t even listed. The whole mysterious mexi-ice has become, close to, an obsession for me. I discovered the spaceage treat about a month ago and now find myself driving past to see what the new flavor will be – today is blackberry! I’m going to make an appt with my physic (okay, I’ll have to get one first) but I’m sure he/she will be able to deduce some of the ingredients from my mexi-ora…. I just hope after all is said and done it is deemed in the “low fat” catagory.

    Happy Blogging . :o)


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