Naming Rights to the Book of Mormon

The following is a private letter to Hank Smith. Dear Hank from Utah, I recently listened to your talk on CD titled “Scripture Power.” At the end, the gravelly-voiced guy from Covenant Communications said that the author would like to hear from his listeners. So if you don’t like what I have to say, remember … Read more

Only One Plan

The sister said something from the pulpit on Sunday that has really bothered me. It was not unique. I’ve heard it many times before. I’m certain I will hear it many times again.  In describing the “war in heaven” before this earth was formed, she implied that we all met together in a grand meeting … Read more


I was driving down the main business district of my city yesterday. It was noontime, and it was snowing softly. My eyes were drawn to the sidewalk, where standing outside of a tax preparer’s office was someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Ol’ Lady Liberty was holding a sign, promoting the tax preparation services … Read more

A Cause of Much Sorrow

This week in the news  President Obama has been participating in the “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism,” and the threat of terrorists extremist fighting in the name of Islam. He made a point that “if we are going to effectively isolate terrorists, if we’re going to address the challenge of their efforts to recruit our … Read more

Why is Jesus Christ Important to Me and You?

A few weeks ago, I learned about a “differential” as I was reading a newspaper insert about automobiles. The writer to the advice column said that their mechanic had told them that their differential was off, and this was causing them problems with tire tread and brake pads. The writer wanted to know if he … Read more

Man May Become

Some who are opposed to my faith casually call out a belief that “As God is, Man can become” as evidence of sacrilege. I’ve heard that ridiculed and flatly rejected by many Christians. I can’t really blame them. On the surface, when tossed about in a casual phrasing like that, it does sound arrogant, pompous, … Read more

Marriage Rights and Wrongs

This writing will be an attempt to solidify many thoughts I’ve considered recently. I apologize if it doesn’t gel together completely. It has been on my mind and I wanted to get it in writing quickly. There has been some very emotional discussion about marriage recently, as another state has narrowly voted to accept marriage … Read more