Sister Friendly’s True Holy Ghost Stories

Sister Friendly had a tough job. Teaching Sharing Time was a difficult thing for me to do once a year, and so I didn’t envy her. But sometimes the lessons she choose didn’t seem “age appropriate.” For instance, her crossword puzzles were probably a big hit in the Senior Primary, where the kids knew how to read. But in Junior Primary, the Sunbeams just colored the boxes, not understanding what she was talking about. The teachers each talked their class through the answers, about the words and the concepts, and helped with the spelling.

Then came the unforgettable lesson of October 2001.

The Scary Topic

Fall is in the air. With global warming and the later daylight-savings time, it doesn’t feel like it. But the people in charge tell me that fall is indeed in the air. And coming around the corner is that very scary season. You know, the one where we all hide behind a curtain and tremble … Read more