The Scary Topic

Fall is in the air. With global warming and the later daylight-savings time, it doesn’t feel like it. But the people in charge tell me that fall is indeed in the air.

And coming around the corner is that very scary season. You know, the one where we all hide behind a curtain and tremble in fear. We just hope that the rascals will leave us alone.

They just come around and ask us for more, more, more! Oh, they all say the sweet sounding phrase, but we really know they don’t mean it. Although, just in case they will leave a trick on us, we give in and give to them anyway. We’re all pretty certain we won’t get anything back in return for our compliance, but we hope that at least they will leave us alone.

It never works. They always come back.

They come to haunt you. To scare you. To insist that you do as they bid, while hoping you won’t notice that things never really change.

They dress up in nice closes, but their intentions are still selfish.

Some years, they don’t cause much trouble. They make their appearance and are on their way. But every few years, you know that they are going to be louder and more obnoxious than normal. Seems to be a cycle. And often they come in groups.

And this year, they are back again in full force.

The good news is that there is only a week until Election Day. And then things might settle down.


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