Baaaaaaaaad Traffic

Shortly after moving here, the community thought it would be nice to welcome us with a little taste of home. Of course, being surrounded by sheep in a traffic jam is not quite the same as being surrounded by other cars. Nevertheless, the effort was greatly appreciated.

I can’t believe it’s been a year this month! I think I’ll have a Freezie to commemorate.

A Baaaaaad Traffic Baaaaack-Up.
A Baaaaaad Traffic Baaaaack-Up.

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  1. I am a bad friend! All this time I just thought that you hadn’t posted anything. Somehow you got deleted from my Google Reader. I vow to be a much better friend from here on out. And have I told you today that I am so glad you guys live in T-town now? Although I miss you. We need to do somethings.


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