Thankfulness and Stuff.

We are blog slackers.  Sorry.  But I just gave you one more thing to be thankful for.  This post.

For one day every year the people of our nation are thankful.  What are they thankful for?  I’m sure that varies.  We celebrate being thankful by stressing out our parents and stuffing ourselves full of wonderful food.  Perhaps we are thankful for food.  Or our parents (or whoever prepared said food, i.e. typically mom). 

When I was growing up, I never gave much thought to Thanksgiving.  But now that I am of a certain age and asked to provide supplemental food offerings for the blessed feast (and hinted at to come over early to help prepare), I am beginning to realize how much work goes into Thanksgiving dinner.  I am not sure how slaving over a meal all day (sometimes starting the day before) is going to make me thankful for anything.  Especially food.  And family.  Without both I would not be slaving over anything, but watching football, the Christmas Story marathon, and eating Twinkies and Doritos.  Or going hungry.  Perhaps we as a people should start fasting on Thanksgiving.  I know that would make me more thankful for food at least.  And probably make me think of those less fortunate than I who go hungry often.  And perhaps I would appreciate normal dinners more.  Just saying.

Or maybe I need to be thankful every day that is not Thanksgiving. 

Any way you look at it Happy Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to spending time with family, although not so much for the kitchen part, and watching massive amounts of television.

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