What to do for a 50th Anniversary?

I need ideas. My parents are going to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in just a few months. We should probably have thought of this sooner. I’m not sure what most people do, but it is a great occasion and we should probably┬ádo something. How do you celebrate such an event?

Going to Disneyland is already covered – they have a trip planned a couple weeks after the actual date. But for the real date, for extended family and friends to say congratulations, what should we do?

Dinner at a restaurant (an all-you-can-eat buffet like Golden Corral)?

A reception at the local church house?

They won’t read this website, so go ahead and leave ideas in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What to do for a 50th Anniversary?”

  1. You could paint a giant message on the side of the dilapidated old building outside of Brigham. Though they may not see it unless you get them a night stay at the Anniversary Inn in Logan and make them go through Tremonton to get there.

    For Nate’s parents 40th we rented a huge cabin and the family stayed there over a weekend and we did a big scrapbook. They seemed to love that it was a big family event, so I think even if just your family throws them a party or takes them out to eat they would love it.

  2. Here are my thoughts…

    Dinner at Golden Corral is easy preperation and cleanup. None of the guests has to be working in the back preparing food. Downside – where will people sit, and how can people mingle with the guests of honor? Cost – everyone pays their own way in, which might cause a few people to decide not to go.

    Reception at the church requires someone to be in the back working with food and refreshments, and missing all the fun. Mingling and moving about is easier. Also requires preperation and cleanup. Cost – nothing to most guests, but someone has to pay for all the refreshments.

  3. I talked to my mom about this because I was sure I would get on here before she would, and we have some ideas to throw out. A family dinner wouldn’t be hard to do at the church if we get a roast and a ham or turkey and leave them in roasters out on a table. We can do baked potatoes, a few salads, and no one gets left in the kitchen to cook all night. If they want an open house for friends and neighbors we can do one at the church with Grandma’s frappe and sheet cake and My mom and I volunteer to stay in the kitchen because in that instance the guests aren’t there for me anyway. The younger girls can clear tables, and grandma would probably like it because that is what she always wants at a wedding reception anyway. It would be amazing for all of the married kids to have a piece of white cardstock and then all of the grandkids too, for them to put a picture with them with grandma and grandpa and write about a special memory, and then put them into a scrapbook. If the younger kids want to sing a song like “Families can be together forever” that might be nice too. If you have any complaints or suggestions or clarifications or other manifestaitions, you can call my mom. ( = Thanks!!!!!!!!


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