Time flies when you’re GETTING OLD!

Spending the weekend with our family in Orem is always great, especially when Mom has a birthday (as was the case last weekend). This time, however, our visit also served as a slight reality check on Michelle’s age.

I always sees lots of old teachers and YW leaders when I go to church with my Mom. Talking to one of them after church, I mentioned that we moved to Tremonton “a couple of months ago.” To which Mom quickly input that “it was actually in September.” Wow! September to January. That’s a long time. It suddenly hit me how fast time has gone by. I’ve spent too much energy on trying to figure out a schedule (for time in my day, for dinners, for grocery shopping) that I hadn’t realized how long we’ve actually been living here in the middle of nowhere! Maybe I’ve been too focused on what I don’t like about living here (and consequently miss about Denver) to notice the clock ticking away. I recovered from the shock as quickly as possible to rejoin the conversation, which had been directed to the fact that it was odd someone as young as myself would have such a skewed perspective of time. My old YW leader (who is quite aged herself) and my mom (who would kill me if I publicly mentioned what age her last birthday inflicted on her) both agreed that it would be more normal for a much older person to lose track of how much time it had been since such a big move. I had to agree.

I always noticed that time passes much faster with every year. When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade the summer felt like an eternity until school started up again, and then school lasted forever too. In high school, however, the summer break wasn’t long enough. And now I hardly notice that it’s summer, except for the fact that I don’t need a jacket and actually look forward to swimming. This mode of thinking brought me to the only conclusion possible. Perhaps my perspective of time has aged aggressively faster than my young personage. My internal watch is tipping 80, where my internal organs are barely 25. And, since I’m always right (just ask Nate), I will leave it at that.

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