How Living in Utah has Significantly Increased My Fun Factor

I was driving home today following a semi.  Not just any semi, the back of this one had black and white diagonal stripes meeting in the middle, like those cautionary doors you seen on TV right before something bad happens.  It also had the words ‘United States Air Force’ and an orange explosives sign.  Comforting.  It was also going incredibly slow, so I had to keep reminding myself not to tailgate the nuclear semi.  *Funny side note is that I was coming from Walmart where I just purchased a toxic green duffel bag, now named my ‘Secret of the Ooze’ bag.*  Back on track, driving behind something that could potentially incinerate the entire Box Elder area makes one evaluate his or her life. 

Mine is rather strange.  I never thought I would actually enjoy living in the middle of nowhere, but I think I’m really starting to like it, despite the lack of obvious things to do.  Our previous residence in the incredibly metropolitan Denver area was filled with stuff.  Places to eat.  Places to shop.  Places to see.  There were movie theaters, mini golf places, museums, a plethora of cultural events, and even a zoo.  We lived primarily on going places.  While snowed in for a few days, I suddenly became bored. 

A change of scenery always affects people.  I realized today just how much that is true with this particular change.  We traded shopping malls for Kings.  Our cultural events now mainly consist of Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution on our Playstation.  There is also a slew of small town pageants this summer that we fully intend to hit.  Who needs a zoo with all of the baby animals around?  And museums are replaced by run down buildings left abandoned on various farms. 

It’s amazing to me how much I actually enjoy staying at home now.  I still love to shop, and we have to get out once in a while, which is why it would be great to have more places to go here.  But that’s okay because now we can entertain ourselves.  We really worried about how to entertain company, now staying at home made us more fun!      


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  1. You are an awesome daughter-in-law and wife to our son – thank you for all the tenderness you have shown Karen during some of her trials; just like a daughter would and more – we love you



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