It’s Election Day

Today, I saw one of the greatest sights that our nation can offer. When I arrived at my polling place this morning about 7:15 am, there was a line of people waiting to vote.

It took close to an hour and a half to make my way from the back of the line of fellow citizens to the election judges’ table.

There were no armed guards, nor police looking over my shoulder to oversee whom I chose. The only authority figure present was the elementary school principal, who exercised the grand whole of his authority to announce that the kids would be coming in soon, and asked that the adults step to the sides of the hallway and allow them to pass to their classrooms.

I presented my ID, stated my name and address, signed the line, and stepped to the voting machine. I chose my own representatives.

Sure, I would have appreciated no line and no inconvenience. Yes, I could have suggested a few modernizations to make the process a little more efficient. No, I did not agree completely with the candidates whom I choose.

But the choice was mine, and my fellow citizens together, to make.

Later that evening, as the results came in, I learned that some of winners were not the ones I had hoped for. I am disappointed in those results, surely. However, I choose not to be in despair.

I have heard some people tonight going to far as to call the winners evil, and lamenting that the people have chosen iniquity. They act as though the wrath of God will come upon the nation and destroy it.

He might, or He might not. That is God’s decision. I certainly don’t have the qualifications to tell Him how to vote.

What I do know is that tonight, the imperfect process, carried out by imperfect mortals, worked in the most perfect way it could. It was peaceful. It was respectful. In comparison to how it is carried out in some other countries in this world, it was nothing short of miraculous!

I’m proud and honored to be an American, and I look forward to many more elections.

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