Change you can enjoy

Wondering what to do with that “change” that President-Elect Obama is promising us? I’ve found an excellent place to spend it.

Go to the Provo Movies 8 (2424 N University Pkwy, Provo UT). Walk in the entrance, and make a right turn into the arcade.

Next, plug a quarter into the Ms. Pac-Man game.

Now, be careful – this game is one of those special-edition releases, so it has two games in one unit – Galaxian I think (Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to what the other game was). When you select your one-player start button, be sure you are pressing the Ms. Pac-Man side, not the other game’s starter button.

Then, take hold of the controller, and enjoy.

This is the best game unit I have discovered in a long time. The joystick has the perfect spring and “bounce-back” to it. Very responsive! Ms. Pac-Man was turned up to the “fast” speed, just the way I like it (other game units will start with Ms. Pac-Man moving slow and getting faster with each round, but this one starts fast and stays that way).

It was very enjoyable.

If you haven’t played in a while, let me pass on some tips.

You move a little slower while eating dots. You move faster when running down empty alleys, and you pick up a little speed turning corners.

Blinky (the red ghost) is the fastest ghost. If Blinky chases you, try to get into those empty alleys or start turning corners fast to escape.

Beware of Pinky (the pink ghost), who will try to get ahead of you and cut off your escape.

Inky (Cyan) and Sue (Orange) – they are just your average chase-you-if-they-see-you ghosts.

Because the ghosts stay blue longer in the first round, you might get lulled into the security of chasing them down and gobbling them up. That is all fine for the first round, but then they begin changing the length of time they stay blue. Don’t go chasing them. Instead, use the time to eat more dots.

The fruits are not usually worth chasing. You’ll find yourself in trouble if you follow the fruits, as they will lead you to close to the ghosts.

Most importantly, eat dots and clear the boards. Don’t worry about your score. Go for the levels, not the high score.

And bring some extra quarters. It is a fun game!

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