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Amazingly, with all the computer-related stuff I have tried, starting up a real web site is not one of them. Until now. The experience in signing up for a domain name had some bumps in it.
In getting this domain, the web site selling it was very helpful to offer other simillar names I might want to snatch up before someone else does. The suggestions ranged from the typical, like glorajean.net, glorajean.info, and all the other endings. They also suggested glorapants.com, gloradenim.com, and apparently some foreign spellings of gslora – I have no idea what those mean though. You may not be surprised to know that I was a cheapskate and bought none of the other suggested names.
Then later, at checkout, I was trying to create my account with the company to purchase from them, and they kept coming back with a message that I needed to complete all the required fields before I could continue. Trouble is, I had. I erased out everything and typed it all again. I typed something in every non-required field, and tried – but the checkout button would just dutifully tell me I was missing something required again. After the fifth time, I was getting a little frustrated. I then had a stroke of brilliance. I cleaned out my shopping cart, closed FireFox, dusted off old Microsoft Internet Exploiter, and tried the checkout process through there. It worked. And this time, along with the message that I missed a required field, it lit up a warning that I was trying to use punctuation in the password field, and that was apparently not allowed. My sarcastic thanks goes out to the good folks who programed their checkout to not fully work in FireFox.
Things are in disarray, but stay tuned… We’ll figure out what we’re doing soon.

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