Things I’ve learned in the Obama Administration’s first 100 days

My bowling score is better than necessary to qualify for the Special Olympics (link).

Only  couples who make over $250,000 annually smoke cigarettes or use electricity and home heating oil (link).

If I ride a subway or an airplane, I am almost certain to die of the “Swine Flu” (link).

Who knew? US Region-1 DVDs don’t play overseas (link).

Requiring those who receive the stimulus dollars to ‘buy American’ could ‘signal protectionism,’ and that would just give the wrong idea to all other countries (link).

Being accurate on your tax forms is optional, unless you are nominated for a cabinet position (link).

Have someone fact-check the third sentence of the first important speach as president (link).

I’m sure there are more, but at least we are off to a great educational start.

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