Assorted Thoughts

I looked out the window, and what did I see? The weather has been beautiful lately, in between the refreshing rain and snow storms. Well, maybe the snow is not so refreshing. I realized here recently that all winter, I have only used my snow shovel once this season. And even on that one day, … Read more

Go ask your Grammer

If a company can take in $7.1 billion last year on Microsoft Office products alone, they should be able to afford some of that complex research to fix their Grammer checker.

Faith and Hope

Faith and hope are constantly interactive and are not always easily or precisely distinguished. Nevertheless, ultimate hope’s expectations are “with surety” true (Ether 12:4; see also Rom. 8:24; Heb. 11:1; Alma 32:21). Yet in the geometry of the restored theology, hope corresponds to faith but sometimes has a greater circumference. Faith, in turn, constitutes “the … Read more

March Forth

What is an Army Drill Sergeant’s most favorite day of the year? “March fourth!” The mighty month of March is here! It brings with it 31 new days of opportunity to follow what the Prophet tells us – to “do your very best.” 31 days of opportunity to work hard, to listen to birds sing, … Read more

December 2001 Christmas Greetings

Dear Family and Friends, What an incredible year this has been! Back on a typical, ordinary Wednesday morning, November 29, 2000, we met for the first time. Neither of us woke up that day with any inkling that there would be a life changing introduction made that day (Ryan didn’t even shave that morning). We … Read more

The Gumball Engagement

Here is Glorajean’s Story: It had been an unusually wonderful day for me and I’d even noted thus to Ryan. We had just finished a short business meeting in the lobby of the building his Top Dawg Computers office is located in. On the way out he suggested that we stop by his office and … Read more

How We Met

Glorajean’s Story It started out as one of my normal Wednesday routines, early morning institute meetings and then some studying in the Institute lounge. This Wednesday I was particularly intent on getting some reading (that I was quite behind on) caught up. I wasn’t going to let anything distract me and was determined to keep … Read more