Mild He lays his glory by

God himself – moved by love for His very often unlovely and ungrateful creatures — chose to live among mortals in hopes of redeeming us by His grace. “Mild He lays his glory by,” sings the Christmas carol, in a line far too easily passed over.

The Funilley Family Newsletter

Back in 1992, after reading one-too-many of those Christmastime newsletters – you know, the ones where the neighbors brag about all their accomplishments, and everything has a positive spin – I was inspired to go and create my own. Enjoy! The Funilley Family Newsletter January – December 1992 Merry Christmas! Greetings, friends! It is that … Read more

December 2001 Christmas Greetings

Dear Family and Friends, What an incredible year this has been! Back on a typical, ordinary Wednesday morning, November 29, 2000, we met for the first time. Neither of us woke up that day with any inkling that there would be a life changing introduction made that day (Ryan didn’t even shave that morning). We … Read more