My Thoughts About Donald Trump’s Behavior


I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. I never have been. I do not plan to become one.

As it became clear that he would be the party nominee, higher-up Republican-party leaders in Utah – including the governor and some congressmen – took the party line and advocated that we must all stand with them and support Mr. Trump because he is the best chance at passing conservative legislation and appointing supreme court justices … bla bla bla … party line … unity … whatever.

Then a “secret” audio tape was released. The contents are morally repulsive. He was heard to make comments and plan advances toward women with intent to engage in lewd sexual behavior.

Now those higher-up Utah Republican-party leaders are making an about-face. They are shocked and dismayed at his behavior and pulling their support for Mr. Trump.

But didn’t anyone recognize this before now?

Even without the “secret” tapes (and let’s not kid ourselves about this: I’m certain a lot of people knew it was out there and waited until the eve of the election to release it), I could tell that his character was undesirable. It really wasn’t hard to see. The things he said, the way he treated others, the arrogance he portrayed – it was clear to me that he was a morally unstable individual.

Apparently none of it bothered anyone else until now? We went through all of the vetting. Primary voting. Convention nominating. And nobody noticed? Now we have one audiotape, and people are changing their minds?

Are you kidding me?

I am most bothered by the Republican Party leaders who held his hand and expressed “kumbaya” and pretended he was okay and hunky-dory. Now they feign shock and horror when they learn that he is morally corrupt?

What did they see in him or expect out of him all that time?

I want to believe that my governor and my congressman (both of whom I’ve been supportive of) are not so blind that they just didn’t know. It looks to me as if they were willing to toss aside their convictions until they had a good, solid excuse of a public opinion change to show their true feelings. It makes me wonder how easily they can be swayed to causes that may not be right?

I don’t expect a perfect man to be the president. Or congress. Or governor. But I do want someone of true conviction and moral integrity. Maybe that is just too much to ask of any politician.

I’m still not a supporter of Donald Trump, and I don’t plan to vote for him. I can at least say that I admire that he is true to himself and doesn’t deny who he is. At least he has that going for him.

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