Parable of the Ward Clerk

Perhaps I was sleeping through Sunday School as we talked about this scripture? I somehow don’t remember reading this in the New Testament before…
Behold, it came to pass that in a far country, the Stake President did call for an early meeting of Priesthood leadership.
And behold, on an early morning the priesthood did assemble themselves into their cars, and began to journey some distance toward the church building.
Now the Stake President did observe, as he journeyed forth, a car parked upon the side of the roadway; wherein he saw a young mother who did struggle much with three young children. And he did behold that a tire upon her car was without air, wherewith it was flat.
And it came to pass that the President did change to the left lane, and did drive swiftly forward, justifying unto himself that he should not be late for the meeting which was to commence. For behold, he was to speak there.
And it came to pass, that a bishop of one of the several wards, did also journey upon the same road.
And behold, as he came upon the scene, he did also move to the left lane, and did take his journey onward, justifying to himself that he would be late for the meeting if he should stop.
And behold, a ward clerk did also come upon the scene as he traveled. And he was moved with compassion, and did pull his car to the side of the road, and did leave his vehicle to ask what wherewith he could do to help.
And he beheld that the children were wont with hunger, therefore he did produce snacks from his church bag, and did impart freely unto the youth.
And he did remove his suit coat, and did retrieve his tools, and did hoist the car into the air, and remove the lug nuts; yea, even with much effort he did change the tire.
And behold, when he had finished changing the tire, he did behold that the fuel tank was empty. Therefore he did journey a small distance to a gasoline station, where he did purchase two gallons of premium unleaded fuel, and he did return to the car, where he did put the fuel into the tank.
Then it came to pass that he did follow the family to the gasolene station, where he did fill her tank to full, and saw the family had provisions for their journey (even milk and a box of cold cereal), and watched as they did take their journey, and was satisfied within himself.
Then he did look, and beheld his appearance was unclean, for he had grease upon his white shirt, and his tie had torn, so that it was tathered. But behold, it came to pass that he did continue on to the meeting.
And it came to pass that as he did arrive, he thought within himself that he should slip unseen into the back row, to hear the remainder of the speeches, because of his untidy appearance.
But behold, to his astonishment, as he arrived, he found that he was asked to stand for his ward roll call, yea, and all did behold his unclean appearance, and he was ashamed.
And it came to pass that the Stake President, yea and the Bishop also, did behold his appearance, and gave him stern and unpleasing looks; even they did disapprove of his appearance.
Yet though embarrassed, the ward clerk did take courage, and did feel goodness within his heart.

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