I mentioned that new InsideOut CD “Sharing Time” a little while back. I’ve listened to it, and highly recommend it. In fact, I signed in to Deseret Book’s site and submitted a “review” for them (By the way, if you intend to sign up for DB’s site, they do not tell you that your user name has to be in all lowercase letters. They tell you your user name can only contain “letters, numbers, or dashes” – it might have been helpful to specify what kind of letters, but anyway…).

So here was my review:
InsideOut A Cappella features an unbelievably rich sound and wide range of emotion. They posses the uncanny ability to make you completely forget that you are not listening to traditional music with instrumental accompaniment. Some songs will have you smiling and tapping your toes, while others will carry you away into a world of reflection on the sweet blessings of the gospel. “Sharing Time” is just what it should be in Primary – time to smile, work the wiggles out, and be inspired all at once.

If you have not yet experienced InsideOut, this album is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to these six highly talented gentlemen. If you are already fortunate enough to know them, then I don’t need to say anymore – you know that this album (along with all the others) is well worth the cost and a must-have addition to your library!

Now if only I could convince my ward choir to perform arrangements like these…

Alright, so I sound like a PR guy trying to advertise for them rather than review the CD specifically. But it is good, so check it out. The other day I walked into a DB store and they were playing the CD over the intercom system. Very good stuff.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly song – fantastic song, but you won’t get it out of your head for a little while. So be prepared to sing it for some time.

The more serious songs are arranged in very new, refreshing ways. Excellent CD. What more can I say?

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