Pray for Rain

I’m considering sending this to the Letter to the Editor section of the newspaper. What do you think?

As you well know, in recent days fires have consumed much of our lands, the properties of many, and even taken lives of a few. My heart goes out to these fellow citizens in sympathy, and yet like all of us, I feel helpless against the fire of nature.
There is one thing I have found that I can do, and I am writing to encourage all others to join with me. Let us all unite our faith and prayers, to implore the God of Nature to send rain to put a stop to the fires. It is a small and simple thing, but like has been evidenced in the holy scriptures and the more recent examples our pioneer ancestors, when people are sincere of heart and exercise faith, their prayers will be heard. Even if you are “out of the habit” of praying, please consider this cause important enough to return to your knees and to join me.
May I ask one more favor? When you pray, don’t ask for “moisture” (as seems to be the trend in many public prayers offered now-a-days), but good old-fashioned “rain.”

I had one more comment I wanted to include, but felt it was too light hearted. I wanted to mention that if there is good that has come from the fire, it is that I have not heard of any problems with the Mormon Crickets this year.

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