Would you like to take a survey?

Once upon a time, I took a job as a pollster. I went door to door, surveying people high and low, near and far, all throughout the kingdom, gathering statistics as I went.

One day, I came upon a quaint little cottage in the woods. I knocked on the door, and had the most unusual visit. During that stop I learned the following:

First, I learned that only one out of every seven dwarfs is happy. In contrast, one out of seven has anger management issues.

In two out of every seven dwarfs, I observed serious medical issues, ranging from narcolepsy to severe allergies.

14% of all dwarfs wear corrective lenses.

1/7th of the respondents would only nod his head in response to the questions.

Finally, this survey has a margin of error of plus or minus one, as the last respondent repeatedly withdrew, making it tough to discern his answers.

3 thoughts on “Would you like to take a survey?”

  1. Cute! Katie is getting better and better about telling the dwarfs apart. By the way, how come the plural of dwarf is spelled dwarfs and not dwarves like wolves, leaves, or shelves? It just looks strange to me.:)

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