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Today in the mail, I took notice of an envelope labeled “Second Notice!” As I noticed the notice, I noticed that I didn’t actually remember noticing the first notice. Was the first notice not noticeable enough to be noticed? Or had the first notice actually overlooked my notice? Was it noticeable at all when it arrived, or was this second notice just noticeably more noticeable?

Then I wondered if the postman had noticed the delivery of my second notice, and notably thought of me as the unnoticeable type?

Wait! If the first notice managed to escape my notice, then was it worthy of my notice to begin with? I notice a tendency in myself to notice when notices are notice-worthy, and generally no notice goes unnoticed. So if the first notice was unnoticeable to me, then can they really declare the second notice to be the second notice when the first notice was unable to attract my notice?

You might notice the dilemma I felt. Should I pay notice to a second notice when the message of the first notice was largely unnoticeable? And if I choose to respond to an inferior second notice, how much notice is it proper to give the company that produced the notices? Will they notice if my lapse in responding to their first notice and second notice was noticeable? Is the second notice the final notice, or will I soon notice a third notice in my mail, if my response is not noticed by the noticing company?

With all of these thoughts, I noticed beads of sweat appearing on my forehead. Would the neighbors notice the posture of my walk, carrying my second notice and not noticing what it was for? Would rumor spread of noticing my notices, but noting my unnoticeable reaction? Might people put me on notice that they were not going to give me any more notice to their notices? Could this perpetuate into a noticeable predicament?

Perhaps the neighbors won’t actually notice? Maybe the postman will pay no notice to the notices he delivered me? Or maybe the noticing company might not notice my dearth of response. It might be that the notices escape the notice of all uninterested parties. Maybe no one will actually notice my lack of notices to the notice?

You will notice that this article is short, because I have noticed that I have no more clever ways to capture the reader’s notice. So I’ll go open my second notice now and see kind of notice they provide me about the notice that is inside.

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  1. He He, very clever. I’m glad you noticed the second notice so that you could come up with such a noticable article.


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