Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Growing up in Ireland, the three brothers were simply inseparable. All who met them admired their great family bond and love that tied them together. Which is why it came as a great surprise the day that the youngest brother announced to his family that he had decided to move to the States.

At first, his brothers were angry that he was choosing to leave. He expressed his great sorrow at breaking up their brotherly comradery and tradition. As he explained the opportunities that awaited him, his brothers softened their stance and eventually agreed that he must go. However, they each vowed together that they must never forget each other.

To do that, they decided to establish a tradition. Wherever they found themselves in the world, they would be sure to stop at the local pub every Wednesday night. They would order three drinks – one for each brother. They would sit in the northwest seat of the room. As they downed each drink, they were to think of each other.

The young man departed, and soon arrived in America. On Wednesday evening, he sought out a local bar, and entered. As agreed, he ordered three drinks, took a seat in the northwest corner of the room, and sat contemplating as he slowly emptied each glass.

After several weeks of observing this ritual, the bartender asked him about it. With pride, the man explained the agreement that he and his brothers had undertaken. “I know that where ever I am in the world, my brothers are with me!” he declared. The bartender and staff were satisfied and even a bit touched by this sensitive gesture. They admired him, every week, as he came to fulfill the ritual.

A few years later, the man entered the bar as normal. He walked up to the counter, and ordered only two drinks. The bartender stiffened; other regular patrons froze and looked his way. The bartender poured the two drinks, and gave them to the man. The man took his normal place at his usual table, and began his rite.

The man finished his second drink, and then sat contemplating. The bartender, having developed a friendship with his customer over the years, stepped over to the table. “I’m sorry about your loss, my friend,” the bartender offered. The customer looked up, confused. Then, in a moment of recognition, he smiled and stated, “Oh, no! It’s not like that at all! My brothers are all fine!”

The bartender was confused. “Why did you only order two drinks then?”

The man smiled again, and declared, “You see, I’ve joined the Mormon Church, so I don’t drink anymore!”

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