How Great the Wisdom and the Love

So I was sitting there in Sacrament meeting, and I’m singing along with the song- How Great the Wisdom and the Love. You know the one – it’s a Sacrament hymn that at the bottom has a little statement that verses 1,2,5, and 6 are especially appropriate for the Sacrament. So of course we are … Read more

Time Marches On

As I grow older, my perception of time is that it seems to go by faster and faster. As a child, it moved slowly, especially waiting for Christmas to come. In high school, I had oodles of spare time. As I grew to adulthood, I have taken on new responsibilities, and there is not enough … Read more

Welcome to the site!

Amazingly, with all the computer-related stuff I have tried, starting up a real web site is not one of them. Until now. The experience in signing up for a domain name had some bumps in it. In getting this domain, the web site selling it was very helpful to offer other simillar names I might … Read more

What’s happening to the arts?

With the warmer weather, and the colds finally over, we went out to the park to play at the SCERA park. The SCERA Shell, an outdoor amphitheater, is not open this season because they have not had enough charitable donations to operate it (indeed, the entire SCERA organization is in danger of collapse with low … Read more

Assorted Thoughts

I looked out the window, and what did I see? The weather has been beautiful lately, in between the refreshing rain and snow storms. Well, maybe the snow is not so refreshing. I realized here recently that all winter, I have only used my snow shovel once this season. And even on that one day, … Read more