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July, 2007

  1. The Price is Right; The Host is Wrong

    July 25, 2007 by Ryan

    I suppose I should give him a chance. But I just don’t like the whole idea.

    Let’s face it: Drew Carey is no Bob Barker.
    But then again, no one is.

    So I guess it is time to move on; press forward, and try something new and different.

    No, No, No! I just can’t get comfortable with that thought. Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right?

    I only watched his sitcom maybe once all the way through, and pieces here or there. I was never impressed.

    I really liked the improv show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” — that is, I really liked it when Drew as sitting behind the “host” desk, not doing much of anything but reading from his que card. When he got on stage, he was stiff and not funny.

    So now he will get up and banter with the contestants, and cheer them on. Can he be as warm and fuzzy as Bob was? Can he convey the attitude that he really is on the side of the contestant, or will he be stiff and reading the rules of the games from his que cards?

    Lets look at a recent example of comedians-turned-game-show hosts.

    Louie Anderson on Family Feud, anyone?

    Yeah, enough said.

    Now granted, NO ONE is going to “replace” Bob; realistically anyone who was picked for that job was going to have an uphill battle to fight, and whatever style or change they bring to the show is going to meet a fair amount of resistance. So I guess I really should give Drew a chance to prove himself first.

    But really, who made that pick? I mean, Drew Carey?

    I predict that the Price is Right is about to see its ratings “come on down!”

  2. Pray for Rain

    July 11, 2007 by Ryan

    I’m considering sending this to the Letter to the Editor section of the newspaper. What do you think?

    As you well know, in recent days fires have consumed much of our lands, the properties of many, and even taken lives of a few. My heart goes out to these fellow citizens in sympathy, and yet like all of us, I feel helpless against the fire of nature.
    There is one thing I have found that I can do, and I am writing to encourage all others to join with me. Let us all unite our faith and prayers, to implore the God of Nature to send rain to put a stop to the fires. It is a small and simple thing, but like has been evidenced in the holy scriptures and the more recent examples our pioneer ancestors, when people are sincere of heart and exercise faith, their prayers will be heard. Even if you are “out of the habit” of praying, please consider this cause important enough to return to your knees and to join me.
    May I ask one more favor? When you pray, don’t ask for “moisture” (as seems to be the trend in many public prayers offered now-a-days), but good old-fashioned “rain.”

    I had one more comment I wanted to include, but felt it was too light hearted. I wanted to mention that if there is good that has come from the fire, it is that I have not heard of any problems with the Mormon Crickets this year.

  3. InsideOut

    July 7, 2007 by Ryan

    I mentioned that new InsideOut CD “Sharing Time” a little while back. I’ve listened to it, and highly recommend it. In fact, I signed in to Deseret Book’s site and submitted a “review” for them (By the way, if you intend to sign up for DB’s site, they do not tell you that your user name has to be in all lowercase letters. They tell you your user name can only contain “letters, numbers, or dashes” – it might have been helpful to specify what kind of letters, but anyway…).

    So here was my review:
    InsideOut A Cappella features an unbelievably rich sound and wide range of emotion. They posses the uncanny ability to make you completely forget that you are not listening to traditional music with instrumental accompaniment. Some songs will have you smiling and tapping your toes, while others will carry you away into a world of reflection on the sweet blessings of the gospel. “Sharing Time” is just what it should be in Primary – time to smile, work the wiggles out, and be inspired all at once.

    If you have not yet experienced InsideOut, this album is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to these six highly talented gentlemen. If you are already fortunate enough to know them, then I don’t need to say anymore – you know that this album (along with all the others) is well worth the cost and a must-have addition to your library!

    Now if only I could convince my ward choir to perform arrangements like these…

    Alright, so I sound like a PR guy trying to advertise for them rather than review the CD specifically. But it is good, so check it out. The other day I walked into a DB store and they were playing the CD over the intercom system. Very good stuff.

    The Peanut Butter and Jelly song – fantastic song, but you won’t get it out of your head for a little while. So be prepared to sing it for some time.

    The more serious songs are arranged in very new, refreshing ways. Excellent CD. What more can I say?

  4. An Odd Dream

    July 4, 2007 by Ryan

    This morning – and I’m not making this up – I had a strange little dream.

    I found that I was a guest judge on American Idol. I was sitting right next to Simon.

    It must have been the early audition rounds, and they changed the form a little so that they were holding them in the large auditorium with an audience, rather than individually in a small room. The one nice young lady stood, told us how great she was going to be, and then proceeded to essentially speak the lyrics of her song with a very slight, almost undetectable attempt to put a little sing-song medley behind her words. I gave her advice that when she comes to a singing competition, she should try to actually sing the lyrics. Simon smiled and let my comment stand without adding any more.

    True to the form of the show, the girl got upset, complained that she had a cold, wanted another chance. Then a little different, she ran to the side of the room, found an LDS hymnbook, and started searching for a song she knew. Unfortunately, she did not find any song that she was familiar with, and her audition was over.

    Then the end of the show came. From my view on the stage, I could see Ryan Seacrest standing in front of the cameras, and the producers giving him his queues. I was caught up in watching the process of seeing the TV program made. Then Ryan pointed to me, thanked me for helping guest judge today, and said we have a minute left in the show, so would I like to sing a song?

    I stood up, and began singing the first song I could thing of, The Star Spangled Banner. I knew I only had a minute, so I sang the song a little bit faster than normal. I sensed confusion from the audience, but then they soon stood up, and sang along with me. We finished the first verse just as the show – and the dream – was over.

    What does it all mean? I have no idea. But happy Independence Day everyone!

  5. Quick Thought

    July 3, 2007 by Ryan

    “God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can’t if you don’t pray, and He can’t if you don’t dream. In short, He can’t if you don’t believe.” – Jeffery R. Holland

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