The Price is Right; The Host is Wrong

I suppose I should give him a chance. But I just don’t like the whole idea.

Let’s face it: Drew Carey is no Bob Barker.
But then again, no one is.

So I guess it is time to move on; press forward, and try something new and different.

No, No, No! I just can’t get comfortable with that thought. Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right?

I only watched his sitcom maybe once all the way through, and pieces here or there. I was never impressed.

I really liked the improv show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” — that is, I really liked it when Drew as sitting behind the “host” desk, not doing much of anything but reading from his que card. When he got on stage, he was stiff and not funny.

So now he will get up and banter with the contestants, and cheer them on. Can he be as warm and fuzzy as Bob was? Can he convey the attitude that he really is on the side of the contestant, or will he be stiff and reading the rules of the games from his que cards?

Lets look at a recent example of comedians-turned-game-show hosts.

Louie Anderson on Family Feud, anyone?

Yeah, enough said.

Now granted, NO ONE is going to “replace” Bob; realistically anyone who was picked for that job was going to have an uphill battle to fight, and whatever style or change they bring to the show is going to meet a fair amount of resistance. So I guess I really should give Drew a chance to prove himself first.

But really, who made that pick? I mean, Drew Carey?

I predict that the Price is Right is about to see its ratings “come on down!”

1 thought on “The Price is Right; The Host is Wrong”

  1. You can see how Drew is doing at this website:

    This is the best way to watch the show anyway – They only show two or three commercials per episode.

    I still think he will never be as good as Bob was – he tries a little too hard, and doesn’t have the same fluid way of conducting the show. I see it as an attempt to get a hiper, younger crowd. I don’t think it will last long.


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