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November, 2007

  1. Drink to the Circle of Life

    November 9, 2007 by Ryan

    I’ve just had a flashback.

    My darling daughter, who is just about to turn four years old, asked for a cup of “cold water” – which means it needs to be from the refrigerator, not the tap. I filled her cup halfway, and stood aside and observed her drink some, them pour the rest into the sink. She then announced that she would like some more water.

    And I caught myself saying the same thing my parents said to me.

    Naturally, I asked her why she had poured out the rest of her water, if she wanted more? I helpfully said that it is not good to waste water. And the whole time I said it, I remembered that I did the same thing.

    I don’t remember exactly how old I was – maybe her age, probably a little older (after all, she has to be smarter at her age than I ever was at that same age). I drank water, and poured the last little bit into the sink, then refilled the cup. And my wise parents saw it, and asked me why I was wasting the water. If I was still thirsty, I should drink the rest.

    Thanks, mom and dad, for teaching me to do right!

  2. What’s it Worth?

    November 5, 2007 by Ryan

    A man is praying to God. “Lord,” he prays, “is it true that to you, a million years is but a second?”
    “Yes,” the Lord says, “that is true.”
    “Well, then, what is a million dollars to you?”
    “A million dollars to me is but a penny.”
    “Ah, then, Lord,” says the man. “May I have a penny?”
    “Sure,” says the Lord. “Just a second.”