The Funilley Family Newsletter

Back in 1992, after reading one-too-many of those Christmastime newsletters – you know, the ones where the neighbors brag about all their accomplishments, and everything has a positive spin – I was inspired to go and create my own. Enjoy! The Funilley Family Newsletter January – December 1992 Merry Christmas! Greetings, friends! It is that … Read more

Baaaaaaaaad Traffic

Shortly after moving here, the community thought it would be nice to welcome us with a little taste of home. Of course, being surrounded by sheep in a traffic jam is not quite the same as being surrounded by other cars. Nevertheless, the effort was greatly appreciated. I can’t believe it’s been a year this … Read more

Movie + Karaoke = . . .

I am not at all opposed to Karaoke.  Okay, I only like it in small groups where nobody else is any good, but I have to say that this completely caught my attention. Yes, that’s right.  Mamma Mia Sing Along Edition.  I guess the only difference is that the audience is actually SUPPOSED to sing along … Read more