Boy, we sure showed them!

“Boy, we sure showed them!” I was thinking that to myself as I pumped some more liquid-gold into my tank. That “Buy No Gas Boycott Day” thing really brought the pump prices down a ton. So thank so everyone who participated in the “Don’t Purchase Gas And Really Stick it To ‘Em!” Day yesterday. Or … Read more

New CD

Insasmuch as everyone is looking to this site for breaking entertainment news, I’ve just learned that InsideOut is pleased to announce that their sixth CD, Sharing Time, will be hitting store shelves soon (beginning May 29th)! For information, or to preorder the CD, go to their website: They have some really good, creative stuff. … Read more

This Is a Complete Waste of Time

The comment Al Sharpton made about Mormons not believing in God is ultimately a waste of time. Yet I’m wasting my time to write about it. So here goes… From the best information I could piece together, there was a debate between Brother Sharpton and Brother Christopher Hitchens. Though they both might object to me … Read more