A Guide for New Parents by New Parents . . . a work in progress Vol. 1

As we set out on the adventure of parenting, we realize that there are many things we wish we’d known before. This first installment includes a few tidbits to keep in mind as you care for your new baby. 1. When your baby is small, and the diaper slightly big, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do up … Read moreA Guide for New Parents by New Parents . . . a work in progress Vol. 1

The Pinky and the Brain Cloud

A comprehensive look into a disconcerting phenomenon by Snow White and the Seven Samurai Gee, Brain! What are we going to do tonight? Since the inception of “Animaniacs” in 1993, “Pinky and the Brain” (P&B) has become one of America’s most iconic animated comedies. It has been said that these two mice even rival the greatness … Read moreThe Pinky and the Brain Cloud

Movie + Karaoke = . . .

I am not at all opposed to Karaoke.  Okay, I only like it in small groups where nobody else is any good, but I have to say that this completely caught my attention. http://www.fandango.com/mammamiasingalongedition_118408/movieoverview Yes, that’s right.  Mamma Mia Sing Along Edition.  I guess the only difference is that the audience is actually SUPPOSED to sing along … Read moreMovie + Karaoke = . . .

Finding Your Inner Red Neck . . . at a Price

The demolition derby rolled over several cars and right into town last weekend.  We have heard from several reliable sources that it is quite the experience.  Nate had a big city brother staying with us and we were all incredibly excited to go, that is until we saw the ticket price.  $10.  Ten bucks to hang out with your … Read moreFinding Your Inner Red Neck . . . at a Price