Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping. Don’t mention grocery shopping. I seem to have a special talent surrounding it. If I go with a mental list of two items, I will forget one and buy the wrong thing for the other. Writing it down, and my chances of getting it right improve only slightly. Today I took the girls … Read more

Fresh Courage Take

My boss was overwhelmed with big projects and needed to write the motivational message for the support-department monthly newsletter. I saw his need and ghost-wrote this for him. Presented here is the second-draft version, created after he sat with me for 10 minutes and asked if I approved a few minor edits. Then, in his hurry, … Read more

Everything I need to know in life, I learned from watching ‘I Love Lucy’

* With all that knitting going on, people will naturally start drafting conclusions * Everyone should write at least one play, one novel, and one operetta, and create one sculpture in their lifetime * If you cannot decide how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, get separate dates with the same dating service *