Highway Crosses

The 10th Circut Court of Appeals has ruled that crosses on the sides of Utah Highways must be taken down. These crosses are  paid for and maintained by private individuals to honor fallen Utah Highway Patrol officers, though they are on public land and do have the UHP’s beehive logo on them. Let’s establish right … Read more

Daylight Dummy Time

So now, even earlier than before, we all “spring” our clocks forward and “fall” our clocks back. Twice-a-year. Running-ourselves-ragged. Maybe when this tradition started, there was only one grandfather clock in the home. But now, how many clocks do I find myself having to change over? Dozens of digital devices – and each one has a slightly different procedure to remember.

RE: Email Returned to Sender

Two many of you coworkers are under the allusion that you can right correctly. In order to lie this mistaken notion to bed, I have composed this educational missive. I wood that all of you mite pay attention! Remember that the elicit use of language has an adverse affect on alot of the department. Please … Read more