The Maine Problem

Poor Tom Golisano. I read his story in the national news a few days ago. Tom purchased a vacation home in Maine, and now he claims that he cannot enjoy it because his Canadian neighbors are making life miserable for himself and his family. When he is not there, they hang out on his lawn. They … Read more

Ye Simple Souls Who Stray – Wine, Oil, Refreshment

The headline intrigued me: Rising Utah liquor sales fueled by more non-Mormons, tourism How naïve I have been! To think that all this time, I believed that the Mormons were the ones buying up the booze! I must continue reading! In Mormon dominated Utah where alcohol is frowned upon, liquor sales keep climbing each year. … Read more

A Cause of Much Sorrow

This week in the news  President Obama has been participating in the “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism,” and the threat of terrorists extremist fighting in the name of Islam. He made a point that “if we are going to effectively isolate terrorists, if we’re going to address the challenge of their efforts to recruit our … Read more


Imagine that you are a school lunch cafeteria manager. Imagine that it is the first day of a new school year. There is confusion among everyone, as each person – student, staff, and manager – are trying to learn their roles. The bell rings, indicating that the last lunch service of the day is nearly … Read more

Marriage Rights and Wrongs

This writing will be an attempt to solidify many thoughts I’ve considered recently. I apologize if it doesn’t gel together completely. It has been on my mind and I wanted to get it in writing quickly. There has been some very emotional discussion about marriage recently, as another state has narrowly voted to accept marriage … Read more