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  1. Welcome to G32!

    April 28, 2009 by Ryan

    Dearest Glorajean,

    Surprise and good day!

    G32 is “The Official Community for Glorajean Fans” — the first of its kind in your 32-year history! Here, to celebrate you, have gathered a small sampling of some of the people that have been touched by your goodness.

    I’ll start off with myself.

    I am ever awed to contemplate the fortune it was of mine, when I think of the course of my life that eventually led us to cross paths. One prompting in particular led me to enroll in college, which lead me to be introduced to people that I otherwise would not have become aquatinted, and eventually those associations brought me to you, for which I will be eternally indebted and grateful.

    I want you to know that you are the missing puzzle piece that completes me. I cherish you every day!

    I love you. For your birthday and for always.