The ayes have it

By the Powers! I’ve been visit’in an enjoyable, entertain’in place.

I admit that when I first heard of a new restaurant called Pirate Island, I immediately thought it be another Chuck E. Cheese, where kids could eat pizza and play games. Shows what a sprog I ’twas.

I took me hearty and little buccaneers with me for lunch. Outside the restaurant were bulky, hefty wood doors, which were me first clue that there be someth’in different await’in inside. I opened them, to find a dimly lit lobby with a pirate scene that reminded me of the ride at Disneyland. The animated pirate skeleton was surrounded by doubloons in the middle of a dark, foggy swamp – I knew instantly that this was go’in to be fun.

The greeter, dressed in moderate pirate costume, asked how many there be in our party. He seated us in the Bayou section of the restaurant, kindly point’in out were to find things as we ventured along. This was a perfectly themed, dimly lit area, with trees and fireflies about. The background chantey and chirping crickets completed the atmosphere (very much reminiscent of eat’in at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou).

A great difference from the Chuck E. Cheese experience was that a server came to our table. She was very kind, and explained where to find everything in the restaurant. She asked what we would like to drink, and then came a incredible, fantastic blimey: they serve Apple Beer! Shiver me timbers and load me to the gunwales with me grog!

We opened the menus and found the next bolt from the blue: they offered much more than just pizza or a salad bar. We ordered from the lunch specials, which included a drink.

Me hearty ordered the barbequed chicken personal pizza, but felt like she be waste’in her calories on the flavorless, tasteless crust and sauce. I tried it and agreed. I mark the scallywag who prepared it with the black spot! Make the scoundrel walk the plank! On the other hand, me daughter ate the cheese pizza and loved it. So for the wee little ones, it be a good choice, but for the grown ups, there be better pick’ens to plunder.

I also ordered the lunch menu, and chose the three fish sliders and chips. Sink me again! Instead of serving the American counterfeit of french fries, these chips be sliced potatoes, freshly fried – genuine authentic chips!

While eat’in, there was a small show where a storm blew, a skeleton talked, and cannons fired. From where we were sitt’in, it was tricky to tell that the show had started. It only ran every 15 minutes, so it might have been nicer if the show ran more frequently, or if we had a cue to know to look at it before it was half underway.

We explored the rest of the restaurant. Ye be enter’in through a cave to scrub ‘yer hands at the washroom, but be warned that cannons fire as ye pass by. The dining area at the other half of the restaurant is themed as a city ripe for plunder’in. Pass through another cave to enter the Aargh-cade and play area for the wee ones. Another word of advice: Ye best be order’in ‘yer tokens from the wench who serves ‘yur table, for ye get more coin for ‘yer pieces of eight that way.

The table server would prove to be a mixed bless’in. At the start, the wench put us at ease and made the experience a pleasure; but at the end we didn’t know if it be proper to leave the table to go play, or wait to pay the check, or be leaven the leftovers wait’in there, or be haul’in them along with us. It was a little bit awkward, unfamiliar feel’in in me gut. We left our drinks, a few portions of pizza, and some coupons that we didn’t use this time (but thought we might be bring ’em back again another day). After hav’in our fun, we found the table wiped clean ‘an our loot mislaid.

Yo-ho-ho – we will be back to try some more vitals (perchance including Pirate Pasta, Corsair Clam Chowder, Chicken, Fish and Chips, Sandwiches, Burgers, and Wraps). For Pirate Island be a good time enjoyed by all and great place to get me pirate on!

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  1. Wow. What a great post about Pirate Island! Thank you for visiting our restaurant and for taking the time to write such a clever “pirate-speakin” post.

    Also know that your post will be discussed with our servers so that we can improve in the areas that need work. And I should also mention that we will be adjusting our show so that it is longer and we give our customers a bit of an invitation before it starts. Thanks for your feedback.


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