Karl Rove must be absolutely brilliant

During my lunch break, I like to spread out the newspaper and relax. At least, sometimes it is relaxing. Sometimes it is just bewildering.

Like this article about Karl Rove. Karl is apparently the smartest strategist in the Republican Party, supposedly the one who masterminded the entire campaign and was responsible for the election of President George W. Bush.

Now-a-days, he works for Fox News as a commentator. But he apparently still carries a lot of weight, as this article points out.

Because the entire article is about analyzing the political analysis of Karl Rove.

It seems that Karl was speaking nice things about Mitt Romney. So people listened to Karl, and started thinking nice things about Mitt. But Karl, being a brilliant strategist, recognized that if people heard him (Karl) saying too many nice things about Mitt, those people might think that he (Karl) was promoting him (Mitt). And he (Karl) is smart enough to recognize that if Mitt Romney is too closely associated with Karl Rove, people will think that he (Karl) is campaigning for him (Mitt) for Vice-President, and that sort of association could hurt him (Mitt). So he (Karl) strategically began talking about his (Mitt’s) bad points and weaknesses, so as to create the public perception that he (Karl) is not doing anything strategic toward promoting him (Mitt), while in reality he (Karl) was strategically raising awareness of him (Mitt) in the public eye.


So I read this article where political analysis from varied universities proceed to offer their take on what Karl is really up to. Is he, or is he not, really trying to campaign for Mitt? Is Mitt starting to be perceived as “Karl Rove’s creature?” Is McCain tuning into Fox News each night to get secret coded instructions from Karl? Is Karl really “thinking a few chess moves ahead with every comment?”

And I couldn’t help but wonder if Karl would choose “Mexi-Ice” or “The Freezie” — and of those, what flavor would he pick, because that might have influence on the way the voters of America tie their shoes.

Karl may never be smart enough to run for office himself. But he might just be too smart to run, too.

More analysis at 11.

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