WordPerfect and My Coke Rewards

Coca-Cola’s USA “My Coke Rewards” points holders can currently redeem 66 points and $22.99 in exchange for their very own copy of “Corel WordPerfect Office XS Standard Edition” (sic) – although I assume they actually mean “X5” as they use that in the picture and description. Can’t Beat the Real Thing!

20-ounce or 2-liter bottle-caps are worth 3 points each, so 66 points = 22 bottles … so better get going opening happiness!

Get it while supplies last! (Link to the My Coke Rewards offer)

Coke did used to say that “Things go better with Coke” – I just never imagined that WordPerfect would be “the thing!”

“Can’t Beat the Real Thing” (1991), “Open Happiness” (2009), and “Things go better with Coke” (1963) are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola Company and used here purely for entertainment purposes.

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