Southern Hospitality

Hey, how are ya’ll do’in?

It is a downright pleasure to visit with you today. I’m speaking from Greenville, South Carolina.

My work has given me an opportunity to visit down south. The right friendly folks in South Carolina have welcomed me here, from my first steps off the airplane they have been gracious.

I’m amazed and overwhelmed by the hospitality they’ve shown me. Yes sir, I’d like to bottle up that kindness and take it back with me. And I reckon that, if I asked, the folks would help me pack that up and carry the bottle out to my car.

The restaurant, the grocery store, and my co-workers out here – great people. I ain’t seen none kinder. Yes ma’am, I right done enjoyed myself.

And oh, boy! Do they ever know how to cook! Woo-ee!

So this quick note, just to let ya’ll know I’ve been think’in of ya and wish you were all here.

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