Our Newest Addition

We are pleased to introduce the newest members of our family, Meeko and Nemo.

Swim'in in the Bowl
Swim'in in the Bowl

Their young caretaker has this to say about them: “I am very glad to have them join our family. They have a good time. I feed them every night. I’m so proud of them. They like their new home. They are so happy to stay in it. They don’t know what to do because when they were first inside of their tank, at the pet store, they liked it there because there was more fish. When they came home, they felt much more happier. They like me and they like each other.”

4 thoughts on “Our Newest Addition”

  1. What a happy looking fish! It definitely looks happy to be there. And who better to take care of them and love them? I think they will be happier than fish at Disneyland. If there are fish at Disneyland. I can’t wait to meet them officially.

  2. There are koi fish at the Disneyland Hotel – just go wander around the water fountains and pools. And there are fish on the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride; as well as the King Triton Carousel.

  3. Sad news. After just under a week with us, Meeko (the darker fish) has passed on. Concerned (because he was the fourth fish to perish in our care), we consulted the fish experts at PetSmart for advice. They tested our water, which was fine except for showing a chemical indicating that the fish were stressed. Two possibilities – our tank is simply too small for multiple fish to live together, or the filter is too noisy and causing them stress. Nemo (the orange and white fish that is almost hidden in the photo) now swims alone, sans the noisy filter, while we observe him to see how he does. So far, he has really perked up in activity.

  4. And, although Nemo was looking more spry and healthy, it did not last. Now he has also departed, after 9 days.

    I thought goldfish were supposed to be indestructible?

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