A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office…

This evening (around 9:30 pm), Glorajean needed to pick up a few papers at her office. So we drove by together for her to stop in.

Our conversation as we approached was about the increase of traffic in the area, especially since the bank next door, with whom they share a drive way, just acquired another failing bank’s customers and assets.

We entered the driveway to see a minivan parked in the front “visitor parking” area. The van’s lights were on, and engine appeared to still be running. The driver’s door was open, and an older woman stood, bent down, appearing to scoop dirt from their front yard into a plastic bucket.

We thought that a bit odd, and proceeded around to the back. There was one other car in the parking lot, and approximately every light in the building was on. We retrieved what we needed, and turned off excess lights along the way out.

As we left, we noted that the same car was still there, and just then another car entered the back parking area. This car did not turn toward the regular parking area, but proceeded all the way to the back, pulling up next to the dumster as though they intended to dispose of some refuse.

We continued on our way. By then the old lady had apparently collected all the dirt she wanted, as she was gone.

Apparently it is becoming a full-service kind of accounting firm.

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