Too close! A little too close.

I only wished we would have gotten a picture.

Yesterday, as I drove through Springville, UT, I followed a large truck. It looked like the kind that would carry construction derbies – heavy, cement material; probably containing rocks and such that could easily break lose and fly out while in motion.

Here is a mockup of what I saw:

Come Up Close and Read Our Warning!
Come Up Close and Read Our Warning!

The bumper-sticker sized warning printed on the back read:


Their lawyer must have told them that they have to put that message on the truck. So they picked the smallest font they could get away with to cover themselves legally.

Now, if I were in charge of their marketing, and if I actually cared about the other driver’s windshields, this is how I would have done it…

Something you can read from at least 5 feet away!
Something you can read from at least 5 feet away!

After all, they had a large surface area to work with. It would cost a dollar or two more in vinyl lettering, but would have indicated that they really cared for people to read their message.

Instead, I can now easily discern their true intentions.

2 thoughts on “Too close! A little too close.”

  1. Fortunately, my windshield was fine.

    But really, who is going to drive an entire football field behind a truck? Especially when the instructions to do so are only visable from 5 feet away?


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